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Flair Media Solutions (PTY) LTD is an independent freelance agency specialising in the creation of projects and events to fill niche-coverage gaps.

Flair Media Solutions


We create topical and niche features to be published in any newspaper or business magazine of choice. An award winning journalist will work closely with the client to ensure the content is accurate and factually correct, however the client will approve all content prior to publishing. In addition, our services includes media buying for smaller and direct clients.

Radio & TV

We will liaise with various relevant Radio and TV producers to set up interviews and give exposure to events and content. Including PR content dissemination.

Flair Media Solutions


Our supplement content will publish on the digital platforms of the relevant newspaper and magazine titles of choice. We will also negotiate exposure benefits via social media channels, including video interviews.

Flair Media Solutions

Contract Publising/Sales

Creating niche publications such as corporate profiles, coffee table books and magazines from start to finish, offering full editorial and editing services including design, printing and delivery.

Flair Media Solutions

Social Media Management

We manage specific content on behalf of the client, ensuring regular visibility and campaigning on their social media platforms and engagement with their audiences.

Traditional advertising no longer attracts the best results for clients and with the new era in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, clients can now target their campaigns and make well informed decisions with regards to serving content and product information on their own website, their most powerful marketing platform!

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Our most recent projects

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Our Team

We are a new energetic team of individuals with a burning desire to succeed and make your project a success. Meet the team.

Core Values

We are passionate about what we do. Successful and well executed projects is fundamental to our business and key to keeping our clients happy!

Personal Privacy

All client information is managed and kept in compliance with the POPI Act.


We have over 20 years experience in the media industry.

Flair Media Solutions


Mail & Guardian’s flagship projects which include;

  1. 200 Young South Africans;
  2. Book of SA Women;
  3. Greening the Future;
  4. Investing in the Future;
  5. Top Reputations; Careers;
  6. Educational Supplements; etc

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